"Snuggled up with my three girls at bedtime, I began reading It's Not Fair to them. Our family loves a good story but the significance of this book was so much more than any other story we had read before. The life lesson in the story is easy for children to relate to and so it didn't take long for all of us to open up and talk about fairness and share our experiences. My favorite moment was when I saw how excited my children were to share this book with their friends the next day. The magic of this book is that is has a message that lives in the hears and minds of children and adults long after reading the story."

Dr. Thérése Collins, PsyD Preschool Owner and Mother of Three

"Adrienne Falzon captures the essence of angel in her touching, heartwarming, yet theologically profound story. Angels are God s messengers and specifically as messengers they bring glad tidings, heal our brokenness, and protect us from all harm all so that we can grow as human beings into persons who can see beyond externals to the interior life and mystery that is the essence of every person."

Sister Mary Virginia Orna OSU Professor of Chemistry College of New Rochelle

"In a world where anything less than perfect is unacceptable, I love the message in THE SEARCH FOR THE PERFECT SHELL. Once we learn to embrace the flaws we encounter, the world becomes a much more beautiful place. This will be one of the first lessons I teach my children once they are old enough to understand it. Thank you for the reminder!"

Tina Mickelson PGA Professional / Mother of 2

"Adrienne Falzon has created a beautiful gentle tale about sharing that affirms the child s own ability to recognize the effects of selfishness. It s just the way to teach: non-blaming, with supportive adult guidance but with the child as main character. Brava!"

Carol Jenkins TV Host Black America, Journalist, Author